The ‘generation theory‘ is a concept which asserts that people’s personalities (and in fact entire generations) are influenced according to when in history they were born and that their formative years (teenage and young adult years) shape their attitudes in response to the political, economic and social factors such as the music, fashion and technological … More GENERATIONS

Gardens and backyards

Now that it is March our thoughts are turning to gardening and flowers and spending time in backyards and out of doors.  It’s interesting to see how things have changed over the years.  Nowadays people cherish their outdoor space even if it consists of just a small balcony. In the 1920s it was the front … More Gardens and backyards

Am I Vintage?

Recently I saw an article advertising mid century vintage furniture from the 1950s.  Suddenly I had become “vintage” and perhaps even an antique!  When someone talked about vintage my mind was always drawn back to the Victorian era or early 1900s.           Now, suddenly my era is considered vintage or maybe … More Am I Vintage?

September – reborn

As September approaches I remember growing up in Vancouver, Canada.  September was always my favourite month.  Beautiful warm days with cool crisp evenings and just the hint of wood smoke from bonfires in the air.  Leaves slowly changing color to gold and red against a vivid blue sky.  Brand new notebooks for school with smooth … More September – reborn

End of summer

One thing you come to realize as you get older is that summers have changed.  Instead of looking forward to carefree days of no school and freedom you find that you are still responsible for paying the bills and meeting your responsibilities.  You tend to look back instead of forward and time seems to move … More End of summer