Having been born in the 1950s I guess I can call myself ‘mid century modern’ !!  I have found over the years that my likes and dislikes in house styles have changed and then changed again.  For the longest time I was enamored with Victorian houses both interior and exterior.  I loved the intricate designs … More HOME SWEET HOME


  TRAVEL FROM HOME – THE NEW WAY TO EXPLORE THE WORLD Since Covid with travel restrictions and safety concerns I have discovered I can still see the world – from the comfort of my own living room with live-streaming interactive tours with local guides to answer all my questions and show me their little … More TRAVEL POST COVID


Growing up I was lucky to call Vancouver my home.   Surrounded by mountains, ocean, beaches and beautiful forests of Sitka Spruce, Douglas Fir, and Western Red Cedar, it truly is a beautiful city.  Warm summer days might have found us at English Bay, Spanish Banks, Kitsilano or Jericho Beach.   Other times we would have fun … More BEAUTIFUL VANCOUVER


The ‘generation theory‘ is a concept which asserts that people’s personalities (and in fact entire generations) are influenced according to when in history they were born and that their formative years (teenage and young adult years) shape their attitudes in response to the political, economic and social factors such as the music, fashion and technological … More GENERATIONS

Gardens and backyards

Now that it is March our thoughts are turning to gardening and flowers and spending time in backyards and out of doors.  It’s interesting to see how things have changed over the years.  Nowadays people cherish their outdoor space even if it consists of just a small balcony. In the 1920s it was the front … More Gardens and backyards

Am I Vintage?

Recently I saw an article advertising mid century vintage furniture from the 1950s.  Suddenly I had become “vintage” and perhaps even an antique!  When someone talked about vintage my mind was always drawn back to the Victorian era or early 1900s.           Now, suddenly my era is considered vintage or maybe … More Am I Vintage?